Asbestos Removal & Abatement: Washington & Oregon

Over the past century, asbestos was used in literally thousands of products.  It was plentiful and inexpensive to use.  It was used in industrial and commercial applications providing an effective way to insulate piping, siding, spray on ceilings, and floor tile.  When asbestos was initially used, few understood the concerns that would come associated with this readily-available material.  It is now quite clear though, that inhaling these fibers as they loosen and become airborne during construction projects, leads to a number of deadly diseases.  Because of the nature of this material, safety precautions and asbestos abatement and removal have to be taken to prevent any exposure.

Because we are a reliable asbestos removal and abatement services in Washington and Oregon, many depend depend on our qualified contractors and workers to get the job done right. TCB Industrial offers support staffing for asbestos abatement and removal projects in Oregon and Washington.  We can provide on a temporary as needed basis 32 hr asbestos trained technicians that are certified in both Oregon and Washington.  All of our Technicians meet all of the guidelines for OSHA and EPA.

Using TCB Industrial, is an excellent way to ensure that our clients stay on budget and on schedule when it comes to any asbestos related project.  Contact us today to learn more.