Hazwoper/OSHA Training and Supplemental Labor Service – Oregon and Washington

We are one of the Northwest’s leaders in quality trained 40hr supplemental labor and OSHA HAZWOPER training in Oregon and Washington. Providing Hazwoper certification in Washington and Oregon is one of many services provided by TCB Industrial. Our supplemental labor provides flexibility to companies in need of Hazmat cleanup services or Hazmat technicians. Whether you need 40 hour Hazwoper training in Oregon or Washington or highly skilled professional Hazmat teams, we are here to assist.

Our clients include

Environmental Contractors, Consulting Firms, and various public and private industries.

In today’s competitive job market, businesses, both large and small, are experiencing a shortage in qualified applicants. In this environment, using creative approaches towards placement and staffing can enable your organization to focus its energy towards its more critical goals. When our clients have projects that require an immediate increase in staffing, for example an emergency response such as an hazmat cleanup, oil or chemical spill, we are ready to assist them with their labor needs. We help the small companies compete with the bigger companies, while assisting the bigger companies with staff short falls. Our Education Services offers regular monthly Hazwoper training in both Portland and Tacoma areas to help our clients meet their compliance issues.

As a leader in the Environmental and Safety Labor Market, we have placed many hazmat technicians and specialists into short-term, long-term, and permanent job assignments dealing with hazmat cleanup and hazardous waste disposal. We stand by 24/7 to meet your needs.